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Stratton Winter Sports Club Freestyle Programs

All competitive freestyle programs require membership to the Stratton Winter Sports Club. Check out the various freestyle programs listed below.

Allegro Junior Freestyle Development Program

(Ages 8-18) For advanced-intermediate to expert skiers, this non-competitive program focuses on all-mountain skiing with an emphasis on skiing moguls, developing skills including proper line, edge control and air. This unique program has been at Stratton for more than 25 years, and is home to some of the most experienced ski coaches in the US, including former Olympians, Olympic coaches, World Champions and current US Ski Team members. For Athletes who wish to compete in bump events, we offer the A and B Freestyle Competition Teams.

Freestyle B Competition Team

Competitive athletes receive a high level of coaching, preparing them for competitions at Eastern Qualifying Series (EQS) Mogul Events in Vermont. Friday coaching for the Stevek Mogul Challenge, Regionals and Championships is offered to all B-Team Competitors. Depending on standings, this can lead to championship events throughout NY and Northern New England. The B Team is headed by former World Champions, current Team members and National ranked former and present mogul competitors.

Freestyle A Competition Team

Competitive program with the highest level of training and competition, athletes compete at all ECS (Eastern Championship Series) Mogul Events in the Eastern region, including the Killington Classic in April. Some are on the team simply for love of the sport, while others are also hoping to earn spots at regional championships, as well as national and international events and the US Ski Team. The Freestyle A-Team is headed by to former Olympians, current and former US SKI TEAM members.