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Welcome to Stratton Freestyle at the Stratton Winter Sports Club!


We are making changes. If you have been with Stratton Freestyle for a while you may have been familiar with our original site at www.strattonfreestyle.com which was used for many years. We look to transition to a new and improved version. At this time the official site for the Stratton Winter Sports Club is at http://www.strattonwinterportsclub.org. However, this site is available to the freestyle community to provide additional functionality for communications and collaboration. There are several features we would like to highlight as we look to continuously improve our experience. Your feedback is important to us as well.


Whether you are a new member or an existing member of the old Stratton Freestyle site, you will need to register by clicking the red "Register" button on the top right corner of the Home page. This will set you up to receive news and notifications that you choose to subscribe to. When you register, you will have the ability to subscribe to the various newsletters. You can change your preferences at any time.


Communications -

Registered users can subscribe to newsletters, blogs, and events.

News - Freestyle News is posted at: 


Blogs -

There are various blogs for the different programs within the Freestyle program. You can subscribe to one or all of them. The link is:


Social Media Integration -

Stratton Freestyle is on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Twitter - @SWSCFreestyle


(As soon as we get 25 likes we will get https://www.facebook.com/SWSCFreestyle)

Social Integration - 

When you register you become a member of the community. You will be able to update your profile information and you will be able to join groups, post comments, post photos and videos, and access events features.


Lastly, we look for suggestions to improve the site and functionality. If you have comments please visit our "Discussions" forum under the "More" menu. Your feedback would be most appreciated.