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On the USSA site, you must create an account and then create/renew memberships.  You may create an account for each competitor, or you may create an account and then create/renew one or more memberships.  

So for example, a parent can create the account to register one or more children.  

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to http://www.ussa.org 
  2. Create an Account:
    1. Click the ‘Membership’ link. 
    2. Click the ‘Become a member online’ link. 
    3. Click the ‘Create a My USSA Account’ link. 
    4. Complete the form and click the ‘Create a My USSA Account’ link at the bottom of the page. 
    5. Sign in to USSA.org with your newly created account.
  3. Register Members: 
    1. Click the ‘Register a new USSA member’ link underneath your name. 
    2. Complete the form for the competitor. 
    3. Click ‘Continue’. 
    4. Enter Parent/Guardian information. 
    5. Click ‘Continue’. 
    6. Complete the next page: 
      1. In State select Vermont   
      2. In Club select ‘Stratton Winter Sports Club’    
    7. Click ‘Continue’.   
    8. In ‘Sport & Membership’:   
      1. Select Freestyle/Freeskiing       
      2. For a first year competitor, select the ‘rookie’ option, otherwise select ‘Freestyle Competitor’                                                 
      3. Click on ‘Add Membership to Cart’ 
      4. Do not check FIS.      
      5. Select a magazine option if desired. 
      6. Make a contribution if desired. 
      7. Click ‘Continue’ 
      8. Add a t-shirt if desired, stickers if desired.  
      9. Click ‘Continue’.  
      10. Add the evac coverage if desired (not needed)  
      11. Click ‘Continue’  
      12. Add insurance information.   
      13. Click ‘Continue’.    
      14. There are several legal wavers and information on child protection guidelines that must be acknowledged.  
      15. Execute the waiver and other legal documents
      16. Finally you can pay with a credit card.    
      17. During this process you will get a USSA ID that you will need for the next step.